Why Do fools fall in Love: Experiencing the Magic, Mystery, and Meaning of Successful Relationships

Janice R. Levine and Howard J. Markman


Love is wild, wonderful, irrational and passionate. This uplifting book is a valentine from thirty-two marriage and family experts who unravel the mystery of love and explain the secret of passionate, lasting relationships.  This delightful book is a collection of creative essays that combine a remarkable mix of science, psychology, personal insight, and passionate stories focused on the chemistry of lasting love. Written with simplicity and warmth, this book ultimately illuminates a deep and compassionate vision of what constitutes truly happy long-term relationships.

The authors explore a wealth of topics on the subject including the difference between falling and staying in love; the nature of soul mates; how men and women express their love differently; the creation of meaning in relationships; the role of passion and libido and much more.

Thirty-two marriage and family experts set aside their professional personae to explain the wild and wonderful, irrational and passionate mystery of love.  Also included are pearls of wit and wisdom from celebrity couples, including Cokie and Steve Roberts, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, George and Barbara Bush, Christopher Reeve and Dana Morosine, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and others. "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" will be cherished by all couples (and aspiring couples) who want to understand and energize that transformative power of love.

"For anyone—single or married-who has ever wondered about the magic of falling in love and the mystery of staying in love-wonder no more. This inspiring and informative book reveals the formula for creating and maintaining loving, passionate relationships."
—Michele Weiner-Davis, author, Divorce Busting

"This book will be of significant interest to all whose work involves them in marriage counseling as well as to individuals dealing with problems in their own marriages. More than thirty essays by professionals present sensitive and realistic analyses of the joys and challenges of married life."married life."

—Brendan Maher, Edward C. HendersonResearch Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

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